Importing from China

Products delivered exactly as the sample

Importing products from China can be a challenging process. First of all, there is of course the language barrier that makes it difficult to find the right and reliable contacts and to make clear agreements.

Secondly, there are major cultural differences that have a major impact on the way people trade in China. Without knowledge of customs and habits, chances are you will end up with a bad deal, or a product that is not what you thought it would be.


In addition, there is, unfortunately, little control and protection against fraudulent companies and scammers. That responsibility actually lies entirely with you as a buyer. If things go wrong, there is no safety net. It is therefore essential that you know in advance what you are buying, from whom and that there is a good control system that ensures that the product that you receive also really meets all your requirements.


That being said, China can of course be a great country to trade with, as there are so many high-quality products and reliable partners. With more than 20 years of experience, we at Makong know exactly where we need to turn for quality, reliability and of course the best price.

Safely import products from China?

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We can help you with every step of the import process, whether it concerns complete care from A to Z or assistance with a single component.

How can we help you?

  •  General advice and support
  •  Feasibility study
  •  Finding products
  •  Background investigation of the manufacturer
  •  Negotiating price and contract agreements
  •  Translation service
  •  Transport, storage and transfer
  •  Factory checks
  •  Checks on end quality of the products
  •  Port services and customs handling
  •  Guided (factory) visits to China
  • Invoicing and hedging currency risk